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Who's your favourite titan?

I had multiple favorites! For a long time it was Robin bcuz I have always been a fan of Robins in general (even now, lol) but I did love all of them, they were all amazing. Beastboy would probably be the second one whom I have had a strong liking to.

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Excuse me if this question has been asked before, but how the hell do you make gifs with KMPlayer?

By using Photoshop CS5, too! Basically I take the caps opening KMPlayer, click CTRL+G, selecting “In 1 sec.” bubble and putting in your settings. Then after you’ve captured the certain number of frames that you’d like, then you go to PS CS5, (this is only on CS5 so I’m not sure how it is for other versions) go to FILE > SCRIPTS > LOAD FILES INTO STACKS

And that’s basically the gist of it. When the frames are loaded in Photoshop you can edit it as you wish. :)

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sdsadas oh god I'm in love with your blog! *-* teen titans ftw!!

Thank you! :D

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I love the Teen Titans, I love this tumblr and I wonder where it have been all my life.

Thank you very much! XD

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Beastboy: It’s gooooood, wakey wakey tofu eggs and bakey!
Raven: Herbal tea.
Beastboy: C’mon just one little taste. You could use a little food after the way you cooked Dr. Light—
Raven: NO!
Beastboy: Huh?!

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"Dude… Raven, what did you do?”

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"What’s the matter? Afraid of the dark?"

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Thank you so much for the support, messages and over all love! This started off as a little project that I would do sporadically but I am really glad people are enjoying my spam of Teen Titans :) It still stands as one of my favorite shows, and I’m sure it will stay that way. Thanks again! ♥

“when there’s trouble you know who to call”